& ABBA Motor Lines of the USA

LBK Transport, Inc. will provide clientele a better understanding of how their products process through the many hands of Logistics and provide the best customer service available.  We will meet with customers face-to-face and explain how shipments will be taken care of from the quote through the shipping of the cargo to the invoice that they will receive.  We will provide customers with information on a daily, weekly, or monthly time-line as requested by the customer on each shipment.  LBK is a member of Chambersburg Chamber of Commerce, Journal of Commerce, PMTA and SC&RA.

We provide knowledgeable and professional drive-away service to our clientele. We feel we have a niche service for the medium size equipment manufacturing and importing companies that require the expertise that we have to handle a shipment from pick-up to delivery. These manufacturers are not logistics/transportation specialists and may not have the experience or established rates with carriers that we do. We feel these manufacturers require a special type of driver to handle these expensive pieces of equipment.  Our company has many years' experience in driving these vehicles and our clients want the background and expertise we offer. We offer savings to our clients by not having to invest capital in equipment, only in the transport cost of the equipment that is self-propelled to the destination location. 

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